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A growth marketer who brings a uniquely diverse toolkit to help brands build greater RELEVANCE in the marketplace, CONNECTIVITY with consumers + SCALE to grow their business.



Delivering the power of 1+1=3 through strategic partnerships that generate engagement and revenue.

Strategy, development and production of content that can tell your brand story, engage your consumer and drive awareness and/or consideration via original IP or strategic partners

Influencer Marketing

Developing and executing campaigns that identify and leverage creators who bring authentic voices and communities to generate content that can drive the full funnel activations

Social & Emerging Commerce

Expertise in developing innovative marketing and revenue generating activations across Social Platforms, Connected TV, Live Streaming etc.

Creative Strategy

Business Development

Bringing a diverse array of high level brand, agency and media company relationships to catalyze new and incremental revenue streams

Unlocking unique and relevant insights and translating them into big ideas

Big idea concepts and offers that excite your retail partners and consumers.

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