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Case Studies



With Holiday being Walmart's most important campaign, we were tasked with building a media innovation to drive consideration and engagement while helping convert more shoppers into digital first customers.


Identifying a trend of influencers expanding into CTV, we partnered with mega-influencer platform Jellysmack and Roku --leveraging Walmart's exclusive shoppable ad functionality-- to create Hello Holidays, a fully shoppable branded video series with influencers highlighting priority Walmart products. 



  • Outperformed Walmart T-Comm BMs for CTR by 1.5x and CVR by 2.0x 

  • Reached 34% of total Roku HHs throughout Holiday timing (24M impressions / 6.1M Roku HHs) 

  • Average VCR of 70% given that each custom episode was ~6 min in length 

  • Reached 34% of total Roku HHs throughout Holiday timing (24M impressions / 6.1M Roku HHs) 

  • In comparison to other Walmart x Roku campaigns running during the same timeframe, “Hello Holidays” drove 2X site visits and 1.5x higher GMV 

  • Gleaned invaluable internal learnings to inform future T-comm activations & Holiday planning: 

    • 10:1 preference for Text-to-Shop vs. QR Code Scans 



For Walmart's most important campaign, Holiday, we needed to connect with holiday shoppers during moments of downtime to drive Gifting & Gathering and drive digital and mobile shopping behaviors.



Understanding our key audience's proclivity for mobile gaming, we partnered with Blizzard Activision and their premiere game Candy Crush to develop a never been done before custom branded game that rewards players with extra lives while highlighting priority Walmart products. Players can then click to or in-app to purchase after playing.



  • 3.20% Click-Through-Rate (CTR) vs 0.38% industry average and 1% B/A benchmark

  • Average Cost-Per-Click (CPC) of $0.88 vs B/A average benchmark of $1.60 (+181%)

  • 15M engagements with an Engagement Rate of 97% versus B/A ER of 94%)

  • Brand Lift Study showed a

    • +10.9% lift in Consideration vs a 2% BM

    • +7.3% lift in Purchase Intent vs a -2% BM



After numerous concepts from the ad sales team failed to sell though to Airbnb to secure spend around their 10th anniversary celebration, needed a new concept that would uniquely tie Airbnb and NatGeo with the solar eclipse.


Identifying an insight that the best view would be over 30k feet, developed an out of this world concept to create an Airbnb 'in the sky' with NatGeo scientists and sweepstakes winners.


  • Idea sold to Airbnb, securing a 7-figure spend

  • Most successful promotion in Airbnb history

  • Delivered over 5M earned media impressions

  • Recognized by AdAge in their 'Eclipse of the brands' feature



Drive awareness, display and sales for the launch of Pringles new product innovation, Pringles Prints, with the ability to print multi-color text and images on each chip. Our challenge was to help drive awareness, display and sales.


Understanding the power of IP ('tug factor') with kids and parents, we recommended aligning with partners who would be relevant to our shopper and could deliver engaging content and cross-promotion. To minimize hard dollar costs, we developed an innovative strategy that monetized each chip as media value which we used as negotiation to secure partner Hasbro and their iconic Trivial Pursuit game.


  • Program delivered 70% of annual target volume in only 2x months

  • Secured incremental custom display at Safeway and non-endemic retailer Toys R Us

  • Success led to expanding these programs for two years with additional partners such as Marvel, Daytona 500 and Jeopardy

  • Earned P&G's "Fusion Award" for best leveraging of a Commercial Partnership"

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